Audition Details


The characters in the film will include

  1. Lead Actress, protagonist of the film. She will be 19-23 yr, youthful, enthusiastic- expressive; to be able to depict high octane emotions of elation as well as depression; fair complexion, slim girl preferred (Auditions open for international audience)
  2. Lead tribal girl will have dark complexion- African/South Indian descent, 18-23 yrs
  3. Lead actor will represent a Tribal gentleman, dark complexioned
  4. There will be 4 male characters: 3 will be playing role of tribal boys aged between 20-25; and 1 will be 40 yrs approximately (dark complexion)
  5. There will be 2 older gentlemen- tribal community- 60-70 yr (dark complexion)
  6. There is role for 2 Sikh persons (natural beard)- age 40-60 yrs, and 3 non-Sikh persons age being 40-60 yrs (one position already closed as person is selected- one position still open)
  7. There are 3 supporting actresses, fair to wheatish complexion- one will be around 40-50 yrs; and 2 will be 18-22 yrs- auditions open to all; dance skills will be an advantage
  8. There will be 3 tribal young girls- age 18-22 yrs- dark to wheatish complexion- dance skills will be an advantage
  9. Crowd scenes to be filled by local people of Odisha, India
  10. Auditions will be done in 2 phases following the initial screening of resumes, pictures and videos. Please ensure whatsapp number is included in the resume
  11. Initial interview over a zoom invite for second shortlisting- this will not be paid for
  12. Final shortlisting to be done face to face,- for locals selected, it will be in Tbilisi in June-July. It will be paid for at a fixed rate, which will be discussed and agreed in advance before the candidate is invited; for non-Georgian characters, final shortlisting will be face to face in UK/India- details will be provided as appropriate, all expenses paid with advance agreement

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