Ballu Saluja is a film editor and an Academy member (OSCARS), with more than two decades long experience of working in the Indian Film Industry. Ballu has no formal training of Editing. He has learnt editing hands on. Ballu is a graduate in Economics (1994) fom Punjabi University, Patiala. Ballu started his career before digital platform came in. He has edited many TV Series , ADS, DOCUMENTARIES, AV’s between 1996-2000. Ballu eventually started his film career by editing Oscar nominated LAGAAN (2000), PINJAR (2003), SWADES (2004) JODHAA AKBAR (2008) DANGAL (2016) to name a few. He has won the Best Editing Award for his work on various feature films like LAGAAN(2002) and JODHAA AKBAR (2008) DANGAL (2017). In 2018 BALLU has been selected by ACADEMY AWARDS (OSCARS) to be a member in Editing branch. Ballu has edited an International Chinese film YI HE BU XI BAAN (Looking Up.. english name). He even was the sound designer for the film Paltan. Ballu has even directed an AD FILM for Ketomac Shampoo in 2010.